Our Available Rejuvenation Services

Cryoshift Photos on Tuesday, October 9, 2018 ©Taylor Zorzi

Whole Body Cryotherapy Chamber

A single person machine that utilizes nitrogen gas-mist to cool the body to extremely low temperatures. While in this cold state your body transitions into fight-or-flight mode, pulling blood cells from your arms and legs to protect your organs. Ultimately this influences the creation of new red blood cells, therefore aiding the natural process of lymphatic drainage. Benefits include: improved blood circulation, aid in muscle soreness and recovery, sleep improvement, boosted immune system and metabolism, weight loss, and reduction of inflammation and swelling. 

Sessions in the Cryotherapy Chamber are 1-3 minutes, appointments are booked for 15 minutes.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is a high pressurised chamber that allows you to breathe in pure oxygen. Through the process of diffusion in the lungs, pure oxygen is distributed to the brain and blood cells, ultimately working to aid your whole body in recovery, fatigue, mental clarity and overall relief. Best results are shown for sessions that are longer periods of time.

Sessions in the HBOT range from 1 to 2 hour sessions, depending on desired appointment length.

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Rapid Reboot Compression Therapy

Compression Therapy is an application of gentle controlled pressure that aids in decreasing recovery/rehab time from injuries. This is done by enhancing the process of lymphatic drainage. The Rapid Reboot essentially improves and enhances blood flow, reduces inflammation and swelling, and is an aid in removing lactic acid from muscle soreness and other toxins through the lymphatic system. You can book your session targeted to your desired area of recovery including the arms, back, or legs.

Sessions are typically 30 minutes.

Infrared Sauna

This sauna room is not like your traditional sauna. Powered by infrared lights, this sauna warms the core and detoxifies the body through loss of toxins in they body, as compared to the loss of water. Along with the anti-aging and weight loss properties, the IR Sauna aids in the process of muscle recovery, relaxation, pain relief, and improved circulation. 

Sessions are typically for 30 minutes.

Cryoshift Photos on Tuesday, October 9, 2018 ©Taylor Zorzi